So… I have a recently repainted and refinished room (I’ll put up a post about it and the custom made desk / workbench in a future post). I would really like to accent it with some reclaimed wood style panels about 4’x5′ or 4’x6′ on two of the walls. My purpose in doing so is to solve two problems… (1) enhance the look and (2) give me something to attack items to (Wallcontrol pegboard panel, maybe a small shelf etc) without constantly slamming anchors into the plaster walls. The locations I have chosen have no obstructions (outlets etc.)

So here is my plan.

1. Get some 1/2 plywood that will cover the area.
2. Construction adhesive the reclaimed wood to the plywood, creating a panel with a total thickness around 1 inch or just under
3. Locate the studs to a high degree of accuracy.
4. Install a “hanger” bolt (not preferred) or some sort of bolt receptacle (preferred) into the studs where needed to secure the panel
5. Transfer the bolt locations to the panel, and drill out holes that match those locations, including a small countersink for a washer
6. Bolt the panel to the wall – leaving the bolt heads visible, but flush or slightly below the surface of the panel

The end result SHOULD be a wall panel that is secure, removable and replaceable (not sure why that matters, but I like the idea) and the 1 inch depth hopefully is enough that I can use it to support some future additions instead of having to go through it into the plaster (for up to say 25lbs).

Here are my questions:

1. As I say, I would prefer to put some sort of socket into the studs, so that if I remove the panel the wall does not have bolts sticking out of it, but I can live with “hanger bolt” style protrusions. Is there such a thing?
2. Will the construction adhesive be strong enough that I don’t need to worry about it? Am I better off forgoing that and nailing or screwing the boards to the plywood? In particular I don’t want the plywood to warp from the adhesives water content – I could in theory use OSB or similar since it will be completely hidden.
3. Anyone smarter than me have a better idea?


p.s. some pics of the space in progress here []( )
p.p.s. Initally posted on /r/DIY, but a message mentioned this might be a more correct subreddit.

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