So the previous owners thought to would be keen to “finish” this shower by gluing (Liquid Nails, I suspect) vinyl flooring to concrete block.

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My plan was to paint the flooring with tub and shower refinishing paint (essentially an epoxy) as the flooring is mated so incredibly well to the concrete blocks it has no “give” or flex — it is rock hard.

As I was pulling the corner trim, I did manage to pull loose the flooring on the outside-facing surface. I grabbed a grinder and wire brushed it down to bare concrete block.

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So this got me thinking: anything has got to be better than a wall of glued vinyl flooring. How about I strip it all off? But what are my options? I could do a waterproof paint, but how about a treatment that actually highlights the fact it’s concrete block? I am totally down with a downtown loft/semi-industrial aesthetic. Would a concrete stain (to class up the color) and wet-look sealer be an option? Give me your ideas!

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