I have an 80 year old Cape Cod with a 12×10 kitchen and 10×7 dining room. The wall between the two rooms has a standard width cased door opening. The dining room is really a walk through from the front of the house to the back. 2 walls have cased openings (the hallway), one wall has a window, the opposite wall has another cased opening into a pantry. Not a lot of space for a table & chairs.

I’d like to enlarge the cased opening into the kitchen to make the dining room feel bigger, and also to make it easier to bring food between the 2 rooms, but can’t envision where the opening should stop. Immediately to the left of the opening into the kitchen is the fridge. This would stay as is. To the right is 3′ of empty space, followed by the stove/oven with microwave and cabinets above. I’m thinking I’d take the opening to the oven/stove so that those appliances and the side of the cabinet would remain hidden. I’m not sure it would look right if I opened up all the way to the exterior wall.

Any ideas, or photo inspiration sources? I’ve googled and can’t quite find anything similar.


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