I am on a budget, but I need to remodel my kitchen. It is a long, narrow kitchen with an open area at one end that has windows which look into the backyard.


I need to replace pretty much everything.

* Dishwasher
* Fridge
* Oven/Stove (all in one)
* Microwave
* Hood
* Sink/Faucet
* Countertops
* Cabinets
* Flooring (and maybe subfloor)
* Sheetrock
* Electrical wiring
* Switches and fixtures

We may add a gas line (I want a gas range, I don;t care if the oven is gas). We have a water line for a fridge ice machine/water dispenser. None of the appliances need to move. Our current area for the oven/range contains an all-in-one that is older than hell, and is super wide (26″? Maybe more?) This leaves room for a 30″ (standard size) range/oven combo and a bigger fridge and/or a little bit of countertop for cooking convenience.

The house has a crawl space.

Also, we want to replace the window with a box window for light and for holding plants. Pretty stuff.

The whole back of the kitchen where the current round tablew is, is strange and has no use really. I’d like to place 2 french doors on the back at the end as an exit to the backyard someday, so we dont want to put cabinets there. It should remain open. But the sides where the windows are need a use.

I need advice on obtaining materials and appliances for a reasonable price.


Is it OK to shop at Sears? Are they going out of business soon? They have amazing prices on a lot of stuff, like a LOT less than listed on Consumer Reports, so I don’t know if that’s sketchy…

Is it OK to get pressboard cabinets? I really don’t like them, but they are SO MUCH CHEAPER! Where can I get plywood/real wood cabinets at reasonable prices?

Best bet for kitchen tile that will hold up to a LOT of punishment? Maybe wood flooring? (We have oak in the rest of the house)

Who makes the best reasonably priced faucets?

How can I use this space? I want to maximize usefulness, but I don;t have a million bucks. I have maybe $25K to spend, and that’s ALL. There’s no extra $10 grand sitting aroubnd for emergencies.


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