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DH and I decided to buy a house. He’s a graduate student with a stipend and I work full time, so we can buy a decent house, but not a glam one. We’ll be most likely leaving in 5-6 years, so location and resale for similar buyers like us is top of mind. We found a house in our price range in a location we like. The house itself ticks the boxes, except this kitchen. It’s super small. We like to cook, and most buyers are looking for good sized kitchens. There’s also no dishwasher, and the oven is small, plus there’s barley any counter space. The refrigerator is also outside the main kitchen. We feel the urgency to buy, but man, this is a drawback and could prevent others from buying in future. How could we remodel this to open it up? I can handle cosmetic changes but we didn’t anticipate needing to do anything major construction wise. I’m some ways I don’t even know why we would look at a place we would have to remodel, but the market right now is tough. Yes, we could also just live with the kitchen. It just sucks.

TLDR This small kitchen without counterspace is preventing us from buying the house, especially because the market we plan to sell it to (graduate families) values family sized kitchens. Ideas to remodel?

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